Access the latest, most up-to-date Agriculture topics with a pre-defined complex Expert Searches. Users can instantly search for key topics within premium literature sources on Ovid updated with critical information on a regular basis.

Our "Experts" - have created searches and stored them on Ovid, which can be accessed by all clinicians, nurses and other users. For most important medical news, users can even narrow these pre-defined searches with their individual key words by creating their Personal Account and combining them using the AND button. This is a very fast way of getting the most important medical news highly relevant to each user's specialisation. With the ''Auto Alert'' function, users will be automatically informed about all Hot Updates via email or RSS.

Links to Ovid Expert Searches:

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Plant sciences:

Human sciences:

Environmental sciences:

Agriculture and International Development:

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Disclaimer: By launching any of the Expert Searches below in an active Ovid session, the search strategy will be added to any search history you have active and this could impair your results. We highly recommend you run each search strategy independently by either starting a new session or clearing out your search history before utilizing any of the searches below


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