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Critical Thinking Bootcamp

Tento seminár už síce nestihnete, ale pokiaľ máte záujem o podobný, dajte nám vedieť!
Kedy: 9. 8. 2022, 12:00 – 15:00
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Sharing skills, tools, and resources for librarians and faculty to combat misinformation in the face of constantly changing technology.

As AI becomes smarter and more deeply embedded in how we access information and algorithms increasingly dictate what information we consume, how can we train students to spot and respond to misinformation? And what ethical considerations do we need to think through along the way?

SAGE Publishing’s Third Annual Critical Thinking Bootcamp offers insights, guidance, and resources to help librarians, professors, and other staff encourage critical thinking in and out of the classroom. Join our free, virtual sessions to find ways to recognize and address the impact of tech trends on our media ecosystem and learn tactics that can be used to educate students.

Webinář bude v angličtině, online přímo ve vašem internetovém prohlížeči a pro přenos zvuku stačí, abyste měli k počítači připojeny reproduktory nebo sluchátka.