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Neste’s Journey to Carbon Neutrality

Kedy: 29. 2. 2024, 16:30 – 17:20
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Zaregistrujte sa na tretí seminár zo série Sustainability in Action Series.

Invitation This marks the 3rd installment in our Sustainability in Action series, Sustainability in Action: Real-world Examples for a Greener Future. We delve into how experts and players from various industries navigate and utilize new technologies and approaches to ensure a more sustainable future.

Why Attend:

This webinar zeroes in on R&D and technology development, offering concrete examples at the midpoint of the transformation. It's ideal for corporate innovators and long-term business developers aiming to push the boundaries of novel technologies and industry-level scale-up.

  • Gain insider knowledge on how Neste aims to achieve its ambitious carbon neutrality target.
  • Hear about Sakari's experience in capability and operational improvements in the Innovation field.
  • Get a hands-on understanding of Neste’s success story with NEXBTL technology.
  • Explore practical approaches and ideas to foster renewal in the R&D environment, with the opportunity to ask Sakari questions directly.

Join us as we welcome Sakari Hiidenheimo, R&D Manager at Neste, and an expert in sustainable biofuel technology, for an introduction to the transformation journey of a traditional oil refining company becoming a leading renewable and circular solution provider. Thank you Ash Madar for the introduction.