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Chcete vedieť:

  • ako získať čo najviac z dostupných elektronických informačných zdrojov,
  • ako využívať nástroje na ich správu, integráciu a efektívnejšie využívanie,
  • čo je nové vo svete elektronických informačných zdrojov a nástrojov?

Vyberte si z ponuky seminárov:

Online Maximize Your Researchers’ Publication Success with Campus

Kedy: 19. 5. 2022, 09:00 – 10:00
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Drafting and publishing a research paper can be a complicated process.
Campus is a collection of courses that simplifies it. These 10 courses, created and reviewed by experts in each topic and delivered through an engaging format, guide researchers through the entire process, helping them achieve publication success, and maximize the impact of their research.
Learn how you can support your researchers with useful and relevant training by a trusted resource.

Webinář je v anglickém jazyce. Prezentace probíhá online přímo ve vašem internetovém prohlížeči a pro přenos zvuku postačí, abyste měli k počítači připojené reproduktory nebo sluchátka.

Online LibCentral for Administrators

Kedy: 19. 5. 2022, 20:30 – 21:00
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Seznamte se s administrátorským modulem LibCentral k platformě ProQuest Ebook Central. Webinář je určen knihovníkům, především správcům přístupu.

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This webinar will review the administrative features and settings available in LibCentral. LibCentral is the Admin portal for Ebook Central. By the end of the webinar the administrator will be able to:

  • Review Title Lists and Subscriptions
  • Run Usage Reports
  • Manage Librarian and Patron permissions

Webinář bude probíhat přímo ve vašem internetovém prohlížeči a pro přenos zvuku postačí, abyste měli k počítači připojené reproduktory nebo sluchátka.

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Online Updates: Data Excellence, Content, Summon/360

Kedy: 24. 5. 2022, 19:00 – 22:00
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Blok přednášek v rámci konference ELUNA 2022. Zaregis­trujte se na webinář.

V čase 20:25 – 20:55 Summon/360 Product Update | Brent Cook, Ex Libris; Amy Pemble, Ex Libris. Join Ex Libris for Summon and 360 services product updates, an overview of their Roadmaps, and an opportunity for Q&A.

Webinář bude v angličtině online přímo ve vašem internetovém prohlížeči a pro přenos zvuku stačí, abyste měli k počítači připojeny reproduktory nebo sluchátka.

Online How Researcher Wellbeing is Essential for Researcher Success

Kedy: 26. 5. 2022, 15:00 – 16:00
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Webináre Charlesworth Author Services sú v angličtine, online priamo vo vašom internetovom prehliadači a na prenos zvuku stačí, aby ste mali k počítaču pripojené reproduktory alebo slúchadlá.

Zaujíma vás vedecká komunikácia a publikovanie? Pozrite si ďalšie otvorené webináre pre začínajúcich vedcov. Chcete ísť viac do hĺbky a usporiadať seminár pre vašu inštitúciu zameraný na zručnosti podľa vašich požiadaviek? Vypýtajte si podrobnosti.


There are many aspects to being a successful researcher, right from ideating to researching to writing to communicating. However, one aspect that is seldom discussed, but equally essential, is wellbeing. Your wellbeing affects both your motivation and ability to keep researching successfully. It's therefore important to take care of your wellbeing.

In this webinar, being held in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, listen to our experts (names and profiles below) talk about why wellbeing is essential for a researcher's life and success, and offer some experienced-based suggestions for how you can take care of your wellbeing to be a successful researcher… holistically.


  • Sunaina Singh, Academic Editor & Trainer
  • David Kuntin, Post-doc Researcher and (Lab) Spinout Co-founder


Online Writefull for Institutions: The New Generation of Academic Writing Support

Kedy: 27. 5. 2022, 11:00 – 12:00
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Join this webinar to learn how Writefull can help the students and researchers at your institution with their academic writing.

Used by students, researchers, institutions, and publishers around the world, Writefull is the new generation of academic writing help. Using big data and Artificial Intelligence, Writefull boosts efficiency and accuracy in writing. It provides automated revision of texts, as well as a database of published papers to explore real-world examples and patterns of language use.

This webinar will introduce you to Writefull and its products: Writefull for Word, Writefull for Overleaf, Writefull Revise, and Writefull Cite. It includes a demo of all four tools and a Q&A session.

Speakers: Hilde van Zeeland, PhD, Applied Linguist at Writefull; Mélodie Garnier, PhD, Applied Linguist at Writefull.

Nevyhovuje vám čas webinára? Chcete dohodnúť online seminár v slovenčine alebo češtine? Napíšte Lucii Poledníkovej (SR) alebo Vojtěchovi Karenovi (ČR).

Online Introduction Webinar for SciFlow

Kedy: 2. 6. 2022, 10:00 – 11:00
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Vyberte si čas a zaregistrujte sa na webinár:

  • 5. 5., 10:00
  • 19. 5., 10:00
  • 2. 6., 10:00
  • 16. 6., 10:00

This webinar adresses the needs of SciFlow newcomers to show them the basic functions of the SciFlow editor and give some insight to its mechanics.

The webinars agenda attends to the automatic formatting and editing of any document, be it an assignment or a journal article.

Online Discover Summon: Administration Tips for New Staff

Kedy: 8. 6. 2022, 17:00 – 18:00
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This session is designed for library staff members who are new to managing Summon.

Five key things to consider:

  1. Gaining Systems Access (Support Center, Client Center with permissions)
  2. Using Knowledge Resources to learn
  3. Data Management Evaluation
  4. Maintaining Library Content
  5. Joining in the Summon Community (listserv, idea exchange, release webinars/road map)

Webinář bude v angličtině online přímo ve vašem internetovém prohlížeči a pro přenos zvuku stačí, abyste měli k počítači připojeny reproduktory nebo sluchátka.

Mohlo by se hodit:

Online Publishing in Arts & Humanities books & journals

Kedy: 8. 6. 2022, 17:00 – 18:30
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Publishing is an integral part of the research process with most academics required to publish at least once in their professional career. Researchers must also navigate a publishing landscape that is constantly evolving.

This session is designed to provide a basic overview of the current state of academic publishing in the Arts & Humanities to enable a better understanding of the process. The session will cover what to consider when choosing where to publish, preparing a journal article and book manuscript for publication, the peer review and publication process, open access and how to ensure that your published research has an impact.

We will discuss the value of publishing in both academic and practitioner-oriented fields, along with multimedia enhancements that can be made to your article, such as video abstracts and 3D images.

Online ACM TechTalks: The Past, Present, and Future of Supply Chain Security

Kedy: 8. 6. 2022, 18:00 – 19:00
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Otázky k webináru ACM TechTalks môžete zadať vopred cez ACM Practitioners Board.

Webináre zo série ACM TechTalks sú určené študentom a odborníkom na počítačovú vedu a používateľom ACM Digital Library. Sú v angličtine online priamo vo vašom internetovom prehliadači a na prenos zvuku stačí, aby ste mali k počítaču pripojené reproduktory alebo slúchadlá.

Nevyhovuje vám čas? Pozrite si webináre TechTalks zo záznamu.

Máte otázky k ACM Digital Library? Dohodnite si osobné/online stretnutie alebo seminár pre vašu inštitúciu.


Supply chain security has become a massive talking point across the software industry over the last several years, from open source communities all the way to government circles and regulated industries. Unfortunately, the problem space is complex and encompasses several dozen individual threat vectors at different points of the development lifecycle that each require individual fixes.

This talk will cover the state of software supply chain security over the last 40 years. Attendees will learn how to detangle the mess of related but distinct problems that are facing the industry, and how open source fits in and plays a critical role. The talk will also cover new techniques for mitigating and protecting against these threats, in both open source and proprietary software development environments.

  • Presenter: Dan Lorenc, CEO, Chainguard
  • Moderator: Maya Kaczorowski, Product Manager, Tailscale

Online Creating and Formatting Monographs and Theses. How to save research time like a pro with SciFlow

Kedy: 15. 6. 2022, 14:00 – 15:00
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Creating any academic book comes with many challenges: the proper layout, consistent formatting, citing correctly, and finishing on time. Formatting large documents, like a monograph, Ph.D., or Master's thesis, consumes a lot of time. With SciFlow, authors, researchers, and students can produce a monograph or thesis with a single click.

This master class shows how to create a typeset book with a button push. We provide ten valuable suggestions from customer projects to create professional looks in SciFlow, whether in English or your local language, according to the highest standards of global publishers or based on your own institution's tem­plates.

What's on offer:

  1. Intro to SciFlow: Write first, format at the end
  2. Choosing the right template
  3. Using a clear structure
  4. Citing consistently
  5. Maintaining figures, tables, and equations stringently
  6. Mastering the editorial flow in SciFlow
  7. Making the final touches: page breaks, hyphens, and more
  8. Using the SciFlow support
  9. Submit stress-free
  10. Do more with your book: more export formats to address more distribution channels

Webinář proběhne v angličtině.

Přednášející / Speakers:
Joanna Sikorski (project manager at KIT Scientific Press)
Arthur Höring (Customer Success Specialist in SciFlow)

Navazující / Other SciFlow Master Classes: