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Sustainable Innovation in Chemicals: Mastering Process Intensification

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Kedy: 13. 3. 2024, 16:30 – 17:30
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  • Súvisiace informácie – príručky, databázy, interaktívne tabuľky, grafy a rovnice – nájdete v Knoveli.


  • About: This is the fourth webinar in our series on sustainability, “Sustainability in Action: Real-world Examples for a Greener Future”, in which we explore how experts and players across different industries navigate and employ new technologies and approaches to ensure a more sustainable future.
  • Why Attend: Join us as we welcome Jan Harmsen, a former engineer at Shell and a pioneer in sustainable process technology for an inside look into sustainable process technology. This webinar focuses on function integration to enhance efficiency and performance in industrial applications. Perfect for corporate innovators aiming to push the boundaries of process intensification and drive tangible results.

Jan’s combined experience at Shell and Harmsen Consultancy, as well as his position as Professor of Sustainable Chemical Technology, enable him to combine academic insight with industrial practicality. He regularly teaches and advises industrial practitioners in this area. He has published Breakthrough in Design, Industrial Innovation Practices, and Education published by DeGruyter, and available on Knovel .

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain insider knowledge from Jan's extensive experience in green chemistry and process design, including his time at Shell.
  • Discover proven advanced design methods for process intensification, driving commercial-scale success and efficiency.
  • Get a hands-on understanding of sustainable engineering concepts through real-life case studies.
  • Practical steps to apply these methods in your operations, with the chance to ask Jan questions directly.