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Simplify Your Journal Publication Process with SciFlow & minimize Costs for Publication Workflows

Tento seminár už síce nestihnete, ale pokiaľ máte záujem o podobný, dajte nám vedieť!
Kedy: 11. 4. 2024, 14:00 – 15:00
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With SciFlow Publish, we want to make publishing easy and accessible, keeping in mind the needs of university presses. To do that, we offer seamless, collaborative, and efficient publishing from a single source to ensure consistency and high quality in all published journal issues.

In this webinar Dr. Carsten Borchert, co-founder and CEO of SciFlow, will cover the following topics:

  1. How SciFlow Publish enhances the author experience: Collaboration between author and editor is easy thanks to joint work on a document and an easy-to-use UI. Collaboration eliminates the need to exchange file versions via e-mail, resulting in a better author experience and improved time-to-publishing.
  2. Automated formatting and production and minimize costs: Experience the power of SciFlow's automated formatting, ensuring consistency and compliance with journal style guidelines (almost) without manual adjustments.
  3. Boost your journal's dis­semination online: Simultaneously publish your work in the formats you need – PDF, XML, epub, or HTML.
  4. How to integrate Sciflow Publish in your existing workflow: Learn how to integrate SciFlow Publish in your workflow by accessing documents via API or XML standards (JATS, BITS) or custom formats. SciFlow Publish presents a ready-to-use SaaS solution that adheres to publishing standards and integration capabilities to automate repetitive tasks like typesetting.
  5. See how journals already use SciFlow: We will show you examples of different journal publications already using SciFlow.
  6. Q&A Session: Ask questions about using SciFlow Publish to publish your journals.