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Supporting and engaging students in an AI-powered, post-pandemic world

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Kedy: 12. 6. 2024, 17:00 – 18:00
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How can librarians and instructors better support student learning and research in today’s academic landscape?
Join us for an interactive session with user-experience experts from ProQuest, Part of Clarivate, as we explore the profound changes and emerging trends within the academic landscape post-pandemic, focusing on how these shifts have redefined learning and research practices. Gain insights into:

  • Online learning and technical skills: Understand student expectations for online learning, from their ever-increasing device usage to the surprising challenges they face with technical and information literacy.
  • Factors Impacting the Student Experience: Discover the complex pressures today’s students face, including financial constraints, mental health concerns and how these factors are contributing to enrollment and performance trends.
  • Student Attitudes and Behavior: Delve into the transactional relationship students bring to higher education, as well as their engagement issues, confidence levels and their perceived entitlement to learning.

Organizováno pod hlavičkou CHOICE, za podpory ProQuest, Part of Clarivate. Webinář bude v angličtině online přímo ve vašem internetovém prohlížeči a pro přenos zvuku stačí, abyste měli k počítači připojeny reproduktory nebo sluchátka.