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Boards & Beyond

Producent: Boards & Beyond
Partner: McGraw-Hill Global Education Holdings, LLC
Typ: Plnotextové a multimediálne databázy
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Popis produktu

Boards & Beyond is the comprehensive online resource that students and their institutions rely on to make complex concepts easy to understand, whether for supplementing their curriculum or studying for exams.

  • Step 1-Preclinical videos and USMLE-style questions help you to build a solid foundation of pre-clinical knowledge during MS1 and MS2 – and ace Step 1.
  • Step 2–3-Clinical teaches you about diagnosis and treatment so you can prepare for clinical rotations and excel on the Step 2 and Step 3 exams.
  • The Wards Series pripravujeme gives you insight into what it’s like to treat patients in a hospital setting, preparing you to experience clinical rotations and residency.

All Boards & Beyond videos and questions are reviewed on an ongoing basis, and we make edits or additions as needed to stay up to date with current medical practice and standards.

Funkcie a nástroje pre používateľov

  • Video player offers several reduced (<1×) and accelerated (>1×) playback speeds. Choose whichever speed works best for you.

Funkcie a nástroje pre správcov prístupu

  • IP-Authenticated subscriptions offer institutions an easy way to give their students and faculty access to Boards & Beyond, the comprehensive online resource that medical students and their institutions rely on to make complex concepts easy to understand.
  • Faculty Tools is an add-on to Boards & Beyond that gives instructors the ability to set up private educational groups where they can assign video playlists and custom quizzes for students to complete within their own Boards & Beyond accounts.

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